Help your body help YOU!

Most importantly help your brain help you!. Your brain needs as much support as you can give it so it can perform in the way you would like it to: sharp, clear, balanced and rested. Aside from a healthy lifestyle, you can give your brain a great tune-up with Neurofeedback. Our brainwaves (delta, theta, alpha, beta, gamma) are directly correlated with the way we feel, think, move, sleep etc. YOU can train your brain to produce more or less of your own brainwaves which will directly influence your symptoms and behaviors. YOU have the power to do this through the amazing technology of Neurofeedback.

Wouldn't it be nice to be more in control of your emotions, have better energy, sleep through the night, and be able to decide when and where to pay attention? Imagine all this without medication.  

I got tired and worried seeing some of my clients struggle with the side effects of medication. Don't get me wrong. I am not opposed to medication, when it works, medication saves lives. Nonetheless, some of my clients struggled to find the right medication or the right dose. They piled medication over medication without much relief and tons of side effects. This prompted me to go on a quest to find what else could be done, I found Neurofeedback and I couldn't be happier with the results, both for my clients and myself. 

My clients report:

  • Better mood

  • Ease waking up in the morning

  • Sleeping through the night

  • More energy

  • Better focus

  • Fewer emotional outbursts

  • Recovering quicker from emotional episodes

  • Letting go of grudges

  • A calmer mind

But what does it look like? You will sit in front of a computer playing a simple video game. This game represents how your brain waves are performing in real time. The game advances based on how you either increase or decrease the power of some of those brainwaves. When they are heading the right way, the computer gives you a visual and auditory reward. Turns out the brain loves these rewards so it will try to continue doing what you want it to do, which is increase or decrease the power of those brainwaves. After a few sessions your brain will also love how efficient it’s becoming, and you will love the way you feel. And how do YOU do it? how do YOU change those brainwaves? As you sit to train you will begin to learn how to get into the right mindset. It’s a combination of calm attention, relaxed body and being very present with the game. If you try too hard the game won’t move, and the same if you don’t try enough. It’s a Goldilocks approach, just the right amount.

I am excited to announce that I am now offering In-Home Neurofeedback for clients that qualify. Click on these links to learn more and ask me if you are a good candidate for this service.