Therapy for Children


You have probably tried multiple things before you got here. You have read books, followed advice, talked to teachers, and unfortunately it hasn't been enough. I praise you for taking this step. It's never too early to start counseling, in fact, it is ALWAYS  better to start early. If your family is stressed because the tantrums seem to go on forever, if your child is too concerned about having to do everything perfectly, or they worry too much, or maybe you are concerned that they might be depressed; I may be the right person for you and your child.



I see children 6 and up, generally for weekly 45-50 minute sessions. I work closely with parents, as you are the key to your child's well being. Parents see me as an ally and a collaborator in the treatment of their children.

By the way, your child will love having Puff as part of their treatment.